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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Street Car Setup: Solid Rear Axle vs Independent Rear Suspension

Street Car Setup: Solid Rear Axle vs Independent Rear Suspension I am a big classic car enthusiast, but there’s really no denying that most modern designs and methods reign triumphant in comparison to the ‘old ways’. We can look at evidence that engine blocks are of much higher quality. Computerized systems are more accurate than mechanical. And the structural integrity of a modern vehicle versus a classic vehicle is almost no competition. However, when we look at something like an independent rear suspension (IRS) versus a solid rear axle, we can’t necessarily say that new trumps old. At least, not all the time. For example, look at modern muscle. The Mustang, Camaro, and even the Challenger all come standard with independent rear suspension. But despite the fact that this  ... read more

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