• Gas Savings in GILBERT: Sharpen Your Pencil

    Thursday 17 August 2017

    High gas prices in GILBERT increase the cost of living for AZ drivers. You've probably budgeted a certain amount for vehicle related expenses. Increased fuel costs now consume a larger portion of our incomes, causing some GILBERT vehicle owners to skimp in other areas – like scheduled maintenance.According to AZ news reports and automotive industry studies, this is becoming increasingly more common. I... read more

  • The Fallacy of Cheap Tires

    Sunday 06 August 2017

    Do you ever shop for shoes in one of our American Fork area shoe stores?When buying a running shoe, is quality important?Does durability matter as long as the shoes look fabulous?Would you rather have one pair of long lasting shoes or two pair of lower quality shoes at the same price?Is the warranty important when buying tires?When you choose new tires in GILBERT, what's the most important factor for you? Give us a call at Ace Performance Automotive&nb... read more

  • Fuel Saving Tip: Car Weight and Your AZ Driving

    Sunday 30 July 2017

    Weight is the enemy of fuel economy. Everyone from GILBERT knows this makes sense.Some of us in the GILBERT area carry a bunch of unnecessary weight, and I'm not talkin' what you see in the mirror.Guys: sports equipment and tools. Ladies: well, just take a look around the passenger compartment and trunk. I think my car has about 45 pounds of french fries on the floor.All that extra weight wastes gas as you drive between here and there, and everywhere else.Lose the junk and save so... read more

  • Keeping Your 'Old Faithful' Auto Running

    Sunday 23 July 2017

    At Ace Performance Automotive we've had a lot of GILBERT customers asking how they can make their vehicles last longer. These questions are actually a reflection of a trend that's been building for several years in AZ. The median age of personal vehicles is now over nine years. And 33 percent of all vehicles on the road have over 75,000 miles (120,000 km) on them. It looks like it's going to keep heading in that direction for a while. With high fuel prices, a lot of AZ folks are... read more

  • Hitting The Brakes In Lehi

    Sunday 16 July 2017

    Hello GILBERT, let's talk about brakes. But the mechanical aspects of the brakes themselves are just one issue. There's also the power brake pump and brake fluid. And then there are the tires, which are critical to the effectiveness of the brakes.Let's step back. A new vehicle or truck rolls off a local GILBERT showroom floor. It has brand new brakes with brand new brake pads. The brake lines and pump are filled with fresh fluid and are completely clean inside. And the tires ar... read more

  • Battery Basics for GILBERT

    Monday 10 July 2017

    It's important for GILBERT drivers to know battery basics. First, let's talk about which is harder on a battery – hot or cold AZ weather. Most GILBERT area drivers think it's cold weather because that's when we call on our batteries to have enough power to start a cold vehicle engine. However, heat does more damage to a battery than cold. Truth is, our batteries start to die a little from day one. Keeping a full charge slows the process, wh... read more

  • When Are Your Tires Worn Out?

    Monday 03 July 2017

      Hey GILBERT area drivers, are your tires worn out? What is the standard for our AZ streets? How can you tell on your vehicle?While there may be legal requirements for the GILBERT area, there are safety concerns that go beyond meeting minimum replacement mandates.Two-thirty-seconds of an inch is the depth of the tire tread wear indicator bars that US law has required to be molded across all tires since August 1, 1968. When tires are worn so that this bar is visible, there's just... read more

  • Picking the Right Tires in GILBERT

    Tuesday 27 June 2017

    Shopping for tires in GILBERT can be bewildering because there are many choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in GILBERT are looking for maximum summertime performance. The rubber is a little softer to help stick to the road on fast corners on AZ roads. The tread has wide blocks at the shoulder to stiffen the tire in turns. The... read more

  • New School: Automotive Ace Performance Automotive Technician Training

    Monday 19 June 2017

    GILBERT consumers are demanding. We want a safe, reliable vehicle that handles well and is comfortable to ride in. Oh, and we want good fuel economy, too. We also want vehicle repairs that are cheap, fast and easy. Unfortunately, one usually comes at the cost of the other.Today's vehicles have made significant improvements in reliability and performance over the last few decades. They also deliver more power to GILBERT drivers more efficiently than ever before. For example, some of today's... read more

  • Ace Performance Automotive: Good Service and Good Fuel Economy

    Sunday 11 June 2017

    Most GILBERT auto owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving economy. At Ace Performance Automotive, we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can GILBERT drivers actually save?In today's Ace Performance Automotive article, we're focusing on the things you can do to improve your vehicle’s economydriving around AZ. We'll tell you the potential savings per gallon of gas at... read more

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